Songs For The Sun

by Sunwriter

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5 songs recorded at home.
From a nice, clearer period. When the Sun was up in the sky.
Reach out for the sunlight.


released October 22, 2014

All tracks written, performed, recorded and produced by Sunwriter.
Artwork by C.H.A.M.E.L.E.O.N..

Special thanks to Bruno Gomes, a great enthusiast of art and music, who introduced me to the world of Bandcamp and gave me all the support to release this little amateur EP.
Thanks to Miss. C.H.A.M.E.L.E.O.N., also a great enthusiast of my music, and a friend for life.



all rights reserved


Sunwriter Brazil

Reach out for the Sunlight.

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Track Name: A Brief Introduction (in case my Sun doesn't shine next morning)
this is my mind
open my mind
giving my mind
taking my mind away
thoughts become ink and paper
dreams come to life
stars shining bright
in the sky at night

this is me whatever you are you whenever we are us
you and me and you and me

real as the time ticking by
real as the sun in the sky
real as the rain pouring down
real as the world going round and round
real as the dreams in my head
real as the words that you say
real as the tears in my face

cause the people are living
the workers are working
the students are studying
the builders are building
the teachers are teaching
the painters are painting
the players are playing
the dogs are barking
the thinkers are thinking
the travellers are travelling
the cooks are cooking
the preachers are preaching
the time is passing
the light is glowing
the time is only passing
and i'm right here

i'm right here
Track Name: Normal Norman
norman is a guy
just like other four or five
with his hair cut short and his shoes tied tight
norman is a guy
just like other four or five
wearing a suit and tie with his teeth shining bright

and he's sitting on his van
waiting for the hunter man
to take his heart for the queen
but it's not what it seems
as he's starting to dream
about the normal life he has
but he knows it won't last
he regrets all his past

oh the things he could have done
but his hair never grew long
and his heart is always cold
and the light that never shone
in the holes deep in his soul
but now it's too late to pray
for norman

and he's sitting with his mom
hanging on the telephone
waiting for the lord to come
and finally send him home
as he's walking in the clouds
talking to dogs and clowns
and he knows what he needs
but he knows he's not free

oh the things he could have done
but his eyes did never see
what he needed to see
and his life is full of holes
that he didn't try to cope with
but now it's too late to pray
for norman
Track Name: Dissecting Bugs
just a little boy
in a little house
by the wheat fields
where the sun shines
now it's summertime
and i'm on my own
in my backyard fort
with the flies and bugs
i'm not good with parties
i'm not good with girls
can't play spin the bottle
maybe i'm just too young
i comb and make my hair
pretending i am cool
but all i want to do
is spend some time with you

my mom seems to think
that i feel alone
now my dad is gone
but she cannot see
every now and then
he comes visit me
in my darkest dreams
in my darkest fears
will someone discover?
will you finally see?
that i can't resist you
or your silly feels
it seems they're really trying
to get us far apart
what will i have to do
to make you feel that your mine?

i'm about to do
what i'd never do
if it weren't for love
if it weren't for you
now it's just too late
i have done best
you can't understand
what i feel is true
the storm has set outside
the sun's no longer gold
happiness is over
when i'm on my own
will you understand me
and what you mean to me?
or will you run away
run away from here?

things are slowly changing
as you break apart
the days seem so long
and i'm trying really hard
trying hard to hide it
trying hard to breath
sometimes what it takes
is no more than a kiss
break free from my monster
break free from my past
i'm not growing stronger
but dreams never last
how will people see me?
will they feel my love?
or will they dissect me
like i dissect my bugs?
Track Name: Love In Vain
living is easy when you're alone
nobody you need to fight for
and everytime it feels like home
nobody to see nobody to love
all those people with their mirrors
looking at their own reflex
thinking about their perfection
that we'll never ever end
you can't satisfy their ego
even if you kill yourself
love and affection are only worth
if you aren't true to yourself
you submit under their needs
and start working as their slaves
hoping to get some atention
hoping not to be so sad
if you ever contradict it
if you ever think it's wrong
you'll be drowned, judged and defeated
and end up as the bad one
the only love we really feel
the only love that never ends
the only love we can't stop feeling
is the love we have for ourselves

don't believe in love, i tell you
don't believe in love, it''s true
cause you'll end up being lonely
and you'll end up being blue
don't give up on what you are
don't give up on what you do
because love is just a mirror
we're in love for what we look
don't give up on joy and hope
because things just come and go
the only thing that we'll become
is someone bitter, sad and old
i will not lie or try in vain
for something that is just a name
i've forgotten about love
and love has forgotten me
we're all fated to an end
it comes quick, you slowly fade
so stop living for the other
and start living for yourself
nothing's ever gonna change
the only thing that grows is pain
just stop thinking for a second
and you'll stop to love in vain
Track Name: Song For Bobby
"don't look at me like that"
i'm a monster in my deathbed
i lay down next to you
live the life that never ends

i don't know what's going on
i just know that i really need you
i just know that i can feel you
what i really shouldn't feel

"don't look at me like that"
i shouldn't have let you kiss me
i shouldn't have let me feel it
i just shouldn't be like that

my father left me lonely
me mother makes me feel it
but you're the one that's with me
so please don't let me go

"it doesn't matter what really happened
what matters is what they think it happened"

i'm not what you think i am
i am not what i think i am
i am what they what me to be
so please don't look at me like that

i'm living with your monster
your pretty lovely monster
don't take it away from me
that's the only part of you that i still have for me

i have to destroy it
this monster has to die
i'm better when i'm lonely
just get out of my sight

i thought you understood me
i thought that that you believed
we're too young to be together
but we're not too young just to be

it doesn't matter what i really am
it just matters what they think i am

it's over, i'm right here
i've decided not to be
or i'll end up lost and lonely
now that's nothing wrong with me

so it's my turn to transform
to the monster that you've been
i can't live with all those feelings
if you are away from me

they say it's all in the past
they say it's a part of growing up
i'm just one of many others
let these feelings die with me

die with me